Scrambled Duck Eggs
Good with any kind of egg!

This is an easy breakfast.  Fast and delicious.  Don't be scared of duck eggs.  You would  not know they are duck eggs unless someone told you.  They all taste the same.


duck eggs (or egg of your choosing)--how many eggs is how many people you are feeding-about 2 per person

2 (or more) cloves of garlic

2 (or more) scallions

1/2 bell pepper

small onion

ham or any kind of meat you have or want

cheese-grated or sliced

anything else in your icebox you want to add

cooking oil (just a bit to cover the pan)

red (cayenne) pepper-to taste

black Pepper-to taste

salt-to taste


put oil in pan-just enough to keep the eggs from sticking

turn on fire and start sautéing the all the onions, garlic, etc. (save the cheese for later)

stir the eggs in a bowl

when the sautée mixture is ready, add the eggs

you can add the salt and pepper while sautéing or with the eggs (or both)

When the eggs are cooked on one side, flip-let it cook that side

add the cheese and fold the cooked egg over the cheese

When done, put some Uncle Randeaux hot sauce.  It's  good yea cher!