Uncle Randeaux's Pork and Beans
Baked Beans

Let all this sit for a bit (15-20 minutes) blend in together.  Reheat if needed.  Like most Cajun food, it gets better the next day!


olive oil

garlic--at least 5 or more cloves (to taste)

onion-one large

bell pepper-one

Scallions if you have it available

worchestershire sauce-2 table spoons

steak sauce-2 table spoons

brown sugar-2 table spoons

salt-to taste-(careful not to add too much.  Canned beans already have salt)

red pepper-sprinkle to taste

black pepper-sprinkle to taste

can of pork and beans

(large crowd, double or triple ingredients)



cover bottom of the pot with olive oil (you may use any kind of oil you like)

Sauté garlic, onions, and bell pepper until all wilted

add pork and beans

add salt and pepper to taste

let it cook a bit, then add the worchestershire sauce, steak sauce, and brown sugar

let this cook a bit so all these spices blend together---see video!