Side dishes

Uncle Randeaux smothered okra

Good in gumbo and as a side dish for pretty much everything!

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Uncle Randeaux's Fried New Potatoes

Great as a side dish with anything.  Great for vegetarians and carnivores.

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Uncle Randeaux's Butter Beans

A great side dish with anything. Good for vegetarians if you use only oil.

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Uncle Randeaux Blackeyed Peas

See video for various ways to eat this delicious bean dish.

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Uncle Randeaux Mayonaisse


Perfect for anything with mayonnaise

Great on fried potatoes

Potato Salad

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Uncle Randeaux Grill Vegetables

This goes with anything, fish, meat, a great vegetarian dish.

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Uncle Randeaux Cornbread

This can be served by itself with butter

crumble it in a bowl and pour milk

Eat along side a meal

Great side dish with beans poured over it

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Uncle Randeaux's Smothered Potatoes

This is good as any side dish or can be used as home fries at breakfast.  Everyone will love it!

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Uncle Randeaux's Moque Choux

Excellent side dish that goes with everything.  Great to add in a soup!  Stores in the freeze for years.  Enjoy!  A Cajun delight.

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Uncle Randeaux Cajun Style Rice
Uncle Randeaux Grilled Vegetables
Uncle Randeaux's Pork and Beans

Let all this sit for a bit (15-20 minutes) blend in together.  Reheat if needed.  Like most Cajun food, it gets better the next day!

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Cucumber and Tomato Salad

This is a fantastic summer dish.  Refreshing and just tasty and great to eat! Lou is our photographer and special guest.  He is a darn good cook and we will  have him on from time to time!

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